Rev. Beverly A. Spore devotes her ministry to making disciples of all ages through a variety of methods. She sees one of her most important responsibilities as helping others to grow spiritually, while continuing to strive for growth herself. Trained at Asbury Theological Seminary in Wilmore, KY, she focuses her preaching and teaching through a particularly Wesleyan lens.

She firmly believes in the importance of meeting people where they are to share the love of Christ instead of waiting for them to come to church. Since pastors are appointed to a community, Rev. Beverly actively seeks to participate in local organizations and events outside the church walls. She sees Christ’s command to love one another as the basis for ministries of mercy and social justice and the core of United Methodist tradition.

Even though Rev. Beverly is mostly traditional in worship, she has a creative gift which shines through in many aspects of her ministry. She always looks for new ideas for special worship services and has been known for having a live sheep for Sheep Day, planting a tree to celebrate Creation Day, a cowboy theme for summer, a Christmas talk show, and tongues of fire on Pentecost. You never know what kind of special day or project she will come up with next! Stay tuned!