Nuture Ministries


Nurture Committee

This is the group within the Leechburg United Methodist Church that is responsible for the care of the family of God that worships there.


Children’s Sunday School

Childre’s Sunday School Postponed until further notice!  Our elementary children are enjoying a new curriculum of Bible lessons based on some of their favorite cereals.   The commercials always tell us that cereal is a “part of a complete breakfast.” This series will show our children how, unlike cereal, Jesus is all we need to have a complete and joy-filled life.  We enjoy Bible stories, games, singing, skits, crafts and (new this year) Boomwhackers!  Snack is none other than milk and cereal. Our missions throughout the year are making cards for the shut-in, sick and others, and also collecting for the Operation Christmas Child shoe boxes. 9-shoebox

Adult Sunday School

Begins 9:00 AM


Do you have questions or doubts about God? Do some of the things the Bible teaches just seem hard to believe? How about “A worldwide flood? God put one family on a boat and in came the animals two by two…” Joshua and the army sang to Jericho and the walls actually fell down? Maybe we hear the Christian message so often in church that we forget about how unusual the message actually is: A guy was born 2000 years ago who saved the world by dying. And he brought peace on earth even though there’s been a ton of violence since then… and one day soon he’s going to come back again to restore peace by riding through the clouds on a white horse.” What’s hard to believe about that? “Can we actually know whether God exists? And, if so, HOW can we know that?” Come join us at 9:30 AM in September as we begin our Sunday school year with a three to four week series in which we’ll explore what the Bible says about the existence of God. We will find that there are certain truths about God – whether you believe in Him or not – that are absolutely undeniable. Together we will take an honest look at the question of the existence of God.

god hymnal-468126_1920

Adult Choir

Practice Mondays at 6:45 pm.

Directed by Lori Klingensmith.

Runs September through May.

Open to anyone 7th grade and older.

We sing at 10:00 Service on Sunday mornings and special services through out the year.